Questions regarding America's SBDC training program to become a certified Online Consultant for your SBDC.

What are the benefits of becoming an an online Consultant for your SBDC?

  1. Connect to Millennial's who prefer and grew up with online learning.
  2. Train the SBDC business clients you can't reach with a classroom or face-to-face training.
  3. Earn training revenue for your SBDC from every online class enrollment.
  4. Earn Rewards points towards a Microsoft Surface Pro (newest version) Intel Core m3 / 128GB SSD / 4GB RAM


What is an SBDC eAdviser™?

An SBDC eAdviser™ engages with clients through online consulting. They take a blended approach to learning on three essential levels:

  1. Administering high impact, interactive training courses to clients

  2. Advising clients on comprehension and execution of key business principles.

  3. Assisting new entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ideas into small business success


How is an eAdviser™ different from an Advisor or Consultant?

Currently, Consultants offer live training and coaching and are limited by time constraints as to the number of clients they may advise.  eAdvisers have far greater reach and manageability with the online SBDC eAdviser™ component added to live consulting. The Millennial's, the next generation of entrepreneurs, grew up with and prefers online training to in-person training. And many clients are unable or unwilling to travel far to receive consulting services. Therefore, there is a huge market for eAdviser™


Why is engagement important?

Our data shows that learners with an SBDC eAdviser™-led course are 5X more likely to finish their course than without an eAdviser™.  Courses that have an eAdviser™ also have a higher perceived value and the client feels that they are being held accountable. When clients are engaged and learn, they come back to learn more, so retention of clients is the greatest benefit. And they bring employees along with them to learn online.

High Engagement = Courses Completed = Repeat Customers

Without an SBDC eAdviser™ 

  • No accountability, only 15% of learners finish the online course

  • Online courses have little or no perceived value

With an SBDC eAdviser™ 

  • Clients are accountable to the SBDC eAdviser™,  90% of learners finish the online course

  • Online courses have increased perceived & real value


How Do I engage my clients online?

As an SBDC eAdviser™, you have complete access to your clients data and activities within your classroom, including: instruction, course completion, surveys, questionnaires, tests, chat, certificates, grades, badges, reports and direct coaching.


How will becoming an SBDC eAdviser™ enhance my personal brand?

Through your online classroom, you develop and present an online persona with a full bio and photo. Your brand is developed with the Millennial generation of business owners. Clients become emotionally linked to SBDC eAdvisers that are always connected using technology and that show their experience and credentials. Your classroom can be personalized to the extent that you want to build your brand, attract a larger client base and add skills to your personal resume.


How do I become an SBDC eAdviser™?

Become certified as an SBDC eAdviser™ by signing up for an America's SBDC eAdviser™ Certification course.  Certification Courses

May I train my current client base?

Yes. As an SBDC eAdviser™ your reach will be much broader to advise your established small business clients online.  As your clients grow they will return with their own employees for more training with you.


Do I have to create a course?

No. All courses and content are provided for you to offer your clients. They are high quality and updated to current norms and standards. You must be certified within each specialty in order to offer those courses to your clients. 


May I eAdvise in more than one area?

Yes. You may get certification in more than one topic. See certification courses


May I train more than one client at a time?

Yes. This is a blended learning approach, which means your clients may take the training at their own pace. SBDC eAdvisers interact with clients through the learning platform.


How long will it take to become a certified SBDC eAdviser™?

You will have enough training & knowledge to get started after completion of the Certification Course. Follow-up Webinars for more advanced training will follow. Private training sessions for all SBDC  eAdvisers to receive hands on training with the platform are also available upon request. You are now ready to deliver your course to new clients and manage client success online.


How does my SBDC share in the revenue of my course?

With every course that you deliver to your clients, 50% is shared with the SBDC that delivers the course.


How do I get started?

Register for a Train-the-eAdviser Certification course:  See certification courses


SBDC eAdviser™ Overview

SBDC eAdviser™ is a platform for America’s SBDC Consultants to deliver training and coaching online. SBDC eAdviser™ courses will expand the SBDC Adviser’s personal brand and increase business clients engagement with the online course content by over 400%.


For more information contact: Burr Warne at 1-888-535-3772