"Sales Team Accelerator" SBDC eAdviser Certification

"Sales Team Accelerator" SBDC eAdviser Certification


Get certified as a Sales Team eAdviser | 20 student limit

Certification Course Includes: online classroom | course content | blended training | hosting/course license 1 year

Upon Completion of this Course: the certified Sales Team Accelerator eAdviser is provided with the approved online course content and the online classroom to train clients.

Course Description: In this course, you will learn to use the eAdviser platform to train the sales managers and the salespeople of small to mid-sized businesses.

In this course, the SBDC Advisor will highlight the art of sales prospecting, how discovery meetings build credibility, momentum, and trust, how objections can be seen for what they are – opportunities, and why effective negotiating during the sales process should result in securing agreements. 

In addition, as an SBDC Certified eAdviser, you will be certified in the use of the eAdviser online classroom and qualified to deliver the ‘Sales Team Accelerator’ online course as well as other eAdviser courses (subject to the course license fee).


With this certification you will:

  1. Own a branded platform to train students online

  2. Be certified on the platform, technology & features

  3. Be qualified to use this course to train your students online

  4. Receive hosting & course license for first year ($240 value)

  5. Learn how to access student data and add value to the course as an online eAdviser

  6. Get one to one coaching support for as long as you own the “Financial Statements” online classroom

  7. Learn about pricing, revenue sharing, and marketing to clients

  8. Receive 50% of course enrollment for every student enrollment as a certified eAdviser *

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*Here's how it works

Certified SBDC eAdvisers, for example, that invite 100 students into their online classroom, earn $9,950 guaranteed directly deposited into the SBDC's account.

  • Course price: If $199 per course / student (1 student enrollment = $99.50 to the eAdviser, 5 student enrollments = $497.50 which is just about break even on the $499 investment to become an SBDC eAdviser)
  • Corporate pricing:  Contact Sales.  Team leaders and managers coach & mentor their employees with our online training and save 50% 
  • Content areas:  Certified SBDC eAdvisers may get certified in other content areas:  Leadership & Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service and Technology