eAdviser™ Rewards
You've earned it.

Awards Green.PNG


GREEN MERIT for achieving your eAdviser Certification

Congratulations you are an eAdviser. Not everyone is able or wants to travel to get training so online advising has become more popular than ever before. A side benefit can be seen in the reduction of our carbon footprint. The average car produces 20 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas burned and one long flight (2 hours or greater) can add 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or more. People no longer want to travel for training. You have made the conscious choice to become an eAdviser. You have gone green. Congratulations!



  • $25 gift card from The Ultimate Green Store
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BLUE AWARD for achieving $5,000 in revenues

Not only have you earned $2,500, but you also have achieved the Blue Award for advancing like a wave, pushing forward with primordial intention to succceed as an eAdviser. Your plan is working and you have achieved your second award. Congratulations!



  • $50 gift card from Amazon
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SILVER AWARD for achieving the status of excellence in Leadership by signing up 50 new clients

You have earned $12,475 from training 50 people in your field of expertise. Your commitment to growing and scaling small business is highly apparent when you bring on other coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers, consultants or any subject experts to join the ranks of higher achievers... to become eAdvisers. Attaining the Silver Award represents the highest commitment in leading others in becoming their best. You deserve the Silver Award. Congratulations!



  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS
Awards Gold.PNG


GOLD AWARD for becoming a member of the 100 club

The 100 club is not for the faint of heart. This represents your active call to supporting others in learning online. Enrolling one hundred clients at a minimum course price of $199 during a 12 month time frame gives you the boasting rights of Gold membership in the 100 Club. You earned $9,950. And now that you are a 100 Club member, you also get our gift of encouragement. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!




  • Microsoft Surface Pro (newest version) Intel Core m3 / 128GB / 4GB RAM