Getting Started with QuickBooks Pro 2107

Getting Started with QuickBooks Pro 2107


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The QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface unlocks the door to a powerful accounting system for businesses of all sizes. At face value it's deceptively simple, but it holds the ability to manage all day-to-day financial transactions from invoicing to banking. In this course, you'll be introduced to the QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface, and you'll learn how to get started with QuickBooks by setting up a new company and working with basic transactions. You'll also discover how to protect your data and recover from unexpected issues, as well as how to setup QuickBooks so it can be accessed by multiple users.


Learning Objectives

Getting Started with QuickBooks

  • setting up your business

  • difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

  • describe QuickBooks Pro 2017 and basic accounting concepts

  • perform a QuickBooks Pro 2017 and QuickBooks Server Manager installation

  • describe how to keep QuickBooks up-to-date

  • perform QuickBooks configuration using application preferences

Multiple QuickBooks Users

  • configure and work with the QuickBooks Server Manager

  • describe how to use QuickBooks company files located on a network computer

Working with QuickBooks Files

  • describe how to set up a new company and choose initial settings

  • enter customers, sales items, and bank accounts in QuickBooks after the creation of a new company file

  • describe how to backup and restore company files in QuickBooks

  • perform a scan and recovery of a QuickBooks company file using the File Doctor tool

A Quick Tour of QuickBooks

  • describe the QuickBooks interface and its various aspects

  • describe the QuickBooks Home page

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