MICROSOFT Excel 2016

MICROSOFT Excel 2016


eAdviser Certification | 20 Student Limit

Upon completion of this course, you will be certified as a “Microsoft Excel” eAdviser

As a certified eAdviser earn $12,000 guaranteed from your first 100 students, see Terms below*

With this certification you will:

  1. Own a branded platform to train students online

  2. Be certified on the platform, technology & features

  3. Be qualified to use this course to train your students online

  4. Receive hosting & course license for first year ($240 value)

  5. Receive 50% of course value for every student enrollment as a certified eAdviser

  6. Learn how to access student data and add value to the course as an online eAdviser

  7. Learn about pricing, revenue sharing, and marketing to clients

  8. Get one to one coaching support for as along as you own the “QuickBooks Pro” online classroom

CLICK HERE see complete printable course description: Microsoft Excel 2016

Using these ready-to-learn templates, host your classroom online providing 24/7 access to your students.  Access to high-impact interactive video modules, certificates of achievement, analytics for tracking data and customization of your classroom.

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Microsoft Excel 2016 eAdviser Courses

  1. Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formatting DataSkillsoft Asset

  2. Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formulas and FunctionsSkillsoft Asset

  3. Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Charts, Tables, and ImagesSkillsoft Asset

  4. Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Data Presentation StrategiesSkillsoft Asset

  5. Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Macros and Advanced QueriesSkillsoft Asset

  6. Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Working with DataSkillsoft Asset

  7. Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: PivotTables and Advanced ChartsSkillsoft Asset

  8. Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Creating Custom Visual EffectsSkillsoft Asset

  9. Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Share, Review, and CollaborateSkillsoft Asset

  10. Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate: Customizing Views, Styles, and TemplatesSkillsoft Asset

  11. Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Power Pivot, Custom Formatting, Fills, and FormsSkillsoft Asset

  12. Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Apps and What-if AnalysisSkillsoft Asset

  13. Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Accessibility, Transforming Data, and ErrorsSkillsoft Asset

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