First Time Managers Online Classroom License

First Time Managers Online Classroom License


First Time Managers eAdviser Online Classroom

Includes: online classroom | course content | hosting/course license 1 year

Course Description: Most managers of small businesses do not assume their management or supervisory role because of experience or training in management.  They become managers when an organization develops -- when an idea becomes a business. They may be a marketer who now needs to lead a marketing team.  They may be an engineer, machine operator or inventor who now need to manage a production system. No matter what brought you into the company, there comes a time when business owners and team leaders must become an effective supervisor or manager.

License Includes: As a Certified eAdviser for Management, you will be licensed to use the eAdviser online First Time Managers Online Classroom and are qualified to deliver the First Time Manager’s online course to your clients.

Prerequisite: must be a certified eAdviser


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