Leadership & Management eAdviser certification  |  $499  

Successful leadership & management in what has become a globally diverse work environment requires a new perspective on making an impact in organizations today.  Becoming eAdviser certified in Leadership & Management means understanding the essential responsibilities a leader or manager has when directing and delegating others, and the practices that should be employed in order to meet those responsibilities. This eAdviser certification will give you a structural curriculum to help you advise your clients in fulfilling their leadership & managerial duties and realizing the potential of their entire team.



People with experience and/or education with leadership & management, i.e., business owners, c-level executives, department heads, entrepreneurs, and individuals in various industries; corporate, government, academic, and service.



The video & content Marketplace is an expanding destination for certified Advisers to browse and license fully developed online courses from approved authors and content developers.



The candidate must be qualified to use the Leadership & Management content by taking the certification course below.



$499  (Includes getting certified in the Leadership & Management content area and the use of the Leadership & Management classroom for one year)


Leadership & Management eAdviser Certification  |  $499  |   REGISTER



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