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Internet Security


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The advancement in corporate communications and social networking has opened countless opportunities and new ways for people to perform their jobs. But just as our IT communications options have advanced, so have the security threats posed by these advancements. II your Internet Security courses your clients will learn about the common threats to corporate computers and devices that exploit vulnerabilities in our communications and networking methods such as e-mail, Internet, and social networking platforms. Courses also covers best practices and techniques to mitigate security risks while conducting communications as part of your job.

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1.  IT Security for End Users: Secure Corporate Communications and Networking

  • E-mail and Internet Security
  • Social Networking Security
  • Practice: Secure Corporate Communications

2.  IT Security for End Users: IT Security Fundamentals

  • IT Security Overview
  • Work Environment Security Policies
  • Remote User Security Policies
  • Practice: Securing the Work Environment
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