How eAdviser works

eAdviser is a modern platform that offers hybrid training, testing and certifications for both individuals seeking to advance their career or life skills and enterprise seeking to train and certify employees with qualified advisers [coaches, trainers, mentors or teachers].

Subject experts create courses

Course authors earn a 10% royalty on every online course offered by the adviser to their learner. Authors inspire the advisers to use their content by keeping their courses current, interesting and maintaining high ratings. They don’t have contact with the learner unless they choose to advise as well as be the creator of the content, earning up to 60%.

Advisers distribute courses

Trainers, coaches, and teachers interact with learners. They get paid 40% of the course price purchased by their learners. Plus 70% of their coaching fee. If the learner passes the certification course, then the Adviser earns an additional 10%. Every adviser gets their own branded platform to support their clients in reaching their certification goals.

Learners seek certification courses

Learners want to take and complete certifications that will advance their careers or improve their life. eAdviser offers accredited online certification courses from trusted institutions and recognizable and experienced authors. All courses are thoroughly vetted and approved for high quality and integrity standards that meet worldwide requirements.

Revenue from course is shared

Learners pay for certification courses online through their Adviser. All certification coursework is automated and secure. Advisers are available for support, coaching, guidance & accountability. The revenue is shared and all analytics are viewed by the course author and the adviser. Both author and course content are rated by learners.