Our mission

To eliminate all tasks by the eAdviser (coach),
so your time is spent advising and coaching,
not organizing content.

eAdvisers coach their clients online
not in the classroom.


eAdviser.com is a platform designed to open new paths of growth & opportunity for coaches, mentors & advisers through:

  • AUTOMATION - automate simple tasks, improves communication and delivery
  • SMART CONTENT MARKETPLACE - interactive & personalized by eAdvisers
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - adapts content based on learner's achievements
  • DATA ANALYTICS TOOLS - evaluates, analyzes, manages, and optimizes
  • BLOCKCHAIN - smart contracts for eAdviser and Content Authors 
  • REVENUE SHARE - eAdviser earns revenue on every enrollment

eAdvisers are everywhere.



We provide:


Platform - private Global Classroom platform (personal coaching/learning center) with your logo, credentials, chat, analytics, quotes, images, videos and more that directly links with your clients, employees or students. You keep connecting, so they keep learning.


Content - fast-tracked for immediate success, all content is professional, personal and current using interactive video, simulations, games, surveys/questionnaires, certifications and accreditations used by the eAdviser to train and certify people in areas relevant to their career and life.


Smart Content Marketplace - that offers digital content management system using Blockchain, digital rights management of content in distribued databases [protection on all pre-designed course content posted and assurances against unauthorized access and copying of Developer Content, and instand-pay revenue share using smart contracts with eAdvisers and Content Owners.


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Want to eAdvise?




There has never been a greater need for coaches, mentors & advisers ...online.

Online advising is gaining traction as an efficient and profitable method of training clients, employees and students. Outsourcing essential and non-essential training is now considered a strategic business practice globally. Business advising is profitable, but most people do not know how to get started and don't have trusted online content to offer their clients. We do.