Last updated November 18, 2017

What is an eAdviser?

An eAdvisor engages with clients through online training and coaching. They take a blended approach to learning on three essential levels:

  1. Administering high impact, interactive training courses to clients
  2. Coaching clients on comprehension and execution of key business principles.
  3. Assisting new entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ideas into small business success

How is an eAdviser different from an Adviser?

Currently, Advisers offer live training and coaching. They are limited as to the number of clients they may coach.  eAdvisers are coaches, mentors, teachers and guides. They connect with clients online, therefore they are able to broaden their reach significantly by reaching hundreds of clients simultaneously.   

Why is engagement important?

Research shows that learners with an eAdviser course are 5X more likely to finish their course than without an eAdviser. Courses that have an eAdviser (coach) also have a higher perceived value and the client feels that they are being held accountable. When clients are engaged and learn, they come back to learn more, so retention of clients is the greatest benefit.

How Do I engage my clients?

As an eAdviser, you have complete access to your clients data and activities within your classroom, including: instruction, course completion, surveys, questionnaires, tests, chat, certificates, grades, badges, reports and direct coaching.

How will becoming an eAdviser enhance my personal brand?

Through your online classroom, you develop and present an online persona with a full bio and photo. Your brand is developed with the millennial generation of business owners. Clients become emotionally linked to eAdvisers that are always connected using technology and that show their experience and credentials. Your classroom can be personalized to the extent that you want to build your brand, attract a larger client base and add skills to your personal resume.

How do I become an eAdviser?


  1. Register to use the eAdviser.com platform.     REGISTER HERE
  2. Select specific courses for your platform.
  3. Ask clients to take your high-impact courses.
  4. After completion of the online course by client, guide for further learning.
  5. Get paid for every course delivered to your clients. 


May I train my current client base?

Yes. As an eAdviser (online coach) your reach will be much broader to train/coach your established small business clients.  As your clients grow they will return with their own employees for more training with you.

Do I have to create a course?

No. There are many course templates from which to choose. The eAdviser only needs to request a classroom and choose a template to get started.  All classrooms are already built for convenience. The eAdvisor will manage the classroom much the same as they would a traditional physical classroom. 

For example: the student purchases "Growing Your Business" from their eAdviser. They enter the classroom through their online dashboard. The eAdviser has full rights to personalize and add content. It is completely their own classroom. But the content is self-paced with guidance from the eAdviser.

How many classrooms/courses can I host as an eAdviser?

eAdvisors may have as many classrooms/courses as they need to support the diversity of their client base.  

May I train more than one client at a time?

Yes. This is a blended learning approach, which means your clients may take the training at their own pace. When either you or your clients want to interact they may do so through the interactive learning platform.

How long will it take to learn how to use the learning platform?

You will have enough training & knowledge after taking the “Setting Up Your eAdviser Classroom” Webinar to get started. A follow-up Webinar for more advanced training will follow. Private training sessions for all your eAdvisors to receive hands on training with the platform are also available upon request. You are now ready to deliver your course to new clients and manage client success.

May I simply have my clients take my course without being an eAdviser?

No. An eAdviser is required for every course, as the key to the eAdviser program lies in the engagement between eAdviser and client. However, it is up to each eAdviser as to how involved they would like to be with clients. Every course is designed to cover the subject matter thoroughly and completely. The eAdviser is available to guide clients. The research reveals a 400% increase in the completion of online coursework with this program. eAdvisers are more productive and retain more clients over time.

May eAdvisers recommend a course or copy a course of another eAdvisor?

Yes. eAdvisers may recommend courses of other eAdvisers, i.e. eAdvisers that are experts or have a specific focus like international trade. Please always remember that clients get attached to their eAdviser and attachment creates high impact businesses. Copying an eAdviser course is allowed as long as both eAdvisers agree. Please contact Russ Willis (rwillis@globalclassroom.us) for further clarification.

Why do I need to make the first course mandatory for my clients?

As an eAdviser, your time is valuable. If a new client fills out your survey and takes your first course, they are showing a commitment to learn and grow a new business. If they don’t take this important first step, then perhaps they are not quite ready to take up more of your time. This is referred to as "Flipping the Classroom." 

How does the "revenue share" work?

You receive 30-70% on every course that you deliver to your clients. 

How do I get started?

Register to become an eAdviser  REGISTER HERE