eAdviser Certification Courses in ESL

English Language Learners (ELLs) currently account for nearly 10 percent of all students nationwide and has consequently transformed the demographic composition of U.S. schools.  Successful classroom teachers in what has become an increasingly diverse classroom environment in schools nationwide require classroom teachers to have training in cultural awareness & sensitivity, literacy and language acquisition, planning and implementing instruction for ELLs and how to assess ELL students.   This ESL eAdviser certification will give you a structured curriculum that has been developed to national standards to advise and certify classroom teachers working with ELL Families and ELL students in the classroom.

Who should enroll: Anyone that wants to train teachers & staff in ESL for Schools. , i.e., teachers, principals, assistant principals, teacher's aides, administrative staff, substitute teachers.  

eAdviser Marketplace: upon certification, the eAdviser becomes a member of the expanding destination for schools seeking to train their teachers and educational staff with an eAdviser.

Requirements to become an eAdviser: Completion of one of the  certification pathways listed below. Must have ESL Certification to become an ESL eAdviser

Pricing:  $499 - Certifies the ESL eAdviser in use of the platform and the course content; $2,400 - ESL Program Specialist Certification



ESL eAdviser Certification Courses

ESL eAdviser Certification + ESL Program Specialist Certification  

ESL eAdviser  (Must have ESL Program Specialist Certification)

Pennsylvania ESL Program Specialist Certification