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Marketing is a core business process that helps companies develop strong relationships with consumers. Understanding its function will help you better understand the relationship that companies need to build with their customers, how they do it, and the impact these activities can have on a company's bottom line.  In Marketing eAdviser courses, you'll learn about marketing as a key business process, its link to overall corporate strategy, and how online and social media marketing is changing the face of marketing by bringing companies and customers closer together. The importance of marketing planning is also discussed including careful consideration of key concepts such as segmentation, targeting and positioning. Finally, eAdviser will demonstrate traditional and modern marketing mixes.

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1.  Marketing Basics

  • The Basics of Marketing

2.  Product Pricing

  • Product, Pricing and Promotion

3.  Advanced Marketing

  • The People and Planning in Marketing

  • Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Your Organization

  • Distribuiton and E-Marketing Ethics in the Marketing Mix

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