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Customer Service


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There are several defining moments, or moments of truth, that can make or break every service transaction. To successfully navigate these moments of truth, it's important for service organizations to add value to a customer's experience by creating and implementing strong, clearly defined service standards.

eAdviser will provide techniques used to shape the direction of customer service in an organization, including mapping, researching, taking action on, and evaluating moments of truth. You'll also learn how to develop and implement customer service standards and strategies.

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1.  Customer Service Skills

  • Polishing Your Skills for Excellent Customer Service

  • Interacting with Customers

  • Communicating Effectively with Customers

  • Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in a Customer Service Environment

  • Dealing with Customer Service Incidents and Complaints

2.  Customer Confrontation

  • Facing Confrontation in Customer Service

3.  Customer Service Best Practices

  • Communicating Effectively with Customers

  • Rapport Building in Customer Service

  • Providing On-site Customer Service

4.  ITIL® 2011 Foundation

  • Overview of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Service Strategy Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Strategy Processes
  • ITIL® Service Design Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Design Processes
  • ITIL® Service Transition Concepts and Processes
  • ITIL® Service Operation Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Operation Processes
  • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement

5.  Essentials of Customer Service

  • Rapport Building in Customer Service
  • Providing On-site Customer Service
  • Providing Telephone Customer Service
  • Providing Effective Internal Customer Service
  • Facing Confrontation in Customer Service
  • Designing a Customer Service Strategy
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