ESL eAdviser Certification + ESL Program Specialist Certification

ESL eAdviser Certification + ESL Program Specialist Certification


Get certified as an ESL eAdviser + ESL Program Specialist Certification

20 student limit

Certification Course Includes: online classroom | course content | blended training | hosting/course license 1 year

Upon Completion of this Course: the certified 'ESL’ eAdviser is provided with the approved online course content and the online classroom to train & certify teachers in the school and district at costs that compare to in-service training.   

Course Description: Developed for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the ESL Program Specialist Certification has certified over 1,000 ESL school program coordinators and teachers in classrooms with English Language Learners.


With this certification you will:

  1. Own a custom branded platform for your school

  2. Be certified on the platform, technology & features

  3. Be qualified to use this course to certify 50 teachers online

  4. Receive hosting & course license for first year ($240 value)

  5. Learn how to access student data and add value to the course as an online ESL eAdviser

  6. Get one to one coaching support for as long as you own the ESL online classroom

  7. Learn about pricing, revenue sharing, and marketing to teachers/schools.

  8. Receive 50% of course enrollment for every student enrollment as a certified ESL eAdviser *

  9. Receive course updates

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