eAdviser Certification Courses in Customer Service

There are several defining moments or moments of truth that can make or break every service transaction. To successfully navigate these moments of truth, it's important for service organizations – and specifically customer service leaders – to add value to a customer's experience by creating and implementing strong, clearly-defined service standards. To implement effective standards and strategies, it's crucial that you stay attuned to customer needs and expectations, building a dynamic, adaptive service strategy based on input such as customer feedback. Failing to realize the importance of customer service and effective complaints handling leads to increasingly dissatisfied customers. Organizations need to be able to address the needs of customers in an effective and efficient manner.


Who should enroll: People with experience and/or education with customer service, i.e., business owners, c-level executives, department heads, entrepreneurs, and individuals with careers in customer service.

eAdviser Marketplace: upon certification, the eAdviser becomes a member of the expanding destination for small business, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to personalize their learning with an eAdviser.

Certification requirements: Completion of one of the eAdviser certification pathways listed below.

Pricing: All eAdviser content area certifications are priced at $499 ($259 for the content area +  $240 for the cost of the online classroom for 1 year). After one year, the content + platform are $20/month. All revenue from the eAdviser-led course is split 50/50.

Customer Service Certification Courses |  $499 per certification course

Customer Service Essential Skills


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Additional Classrooms  |  only $240 per classroom  |  includes course content

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