eAdviser Certification


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eAdviser gets you started as a coach with specialized online course content. Pricing is designed for eAdvisers to break even with only 5 clients enrolling in their online course.*

Get eAdviser Certified | $499

INCLUDES: License of online classroom & course content for one year (only $20/month after first year)

  • Personal Account Manager

  • Content review & completion of course

  • Setup & design of privately branded platform

  • How to attract & market to clients

  • How to earn revenues & course pricing

  • How to access client data

  • How to use classroom features and tools

  • How to add videos, images, surveys & quizzes

  • How to increase engagement with discussion forums

  • How to offer blended learning

  • How to add webinars

  • Marketing materials & templates

  • Weekly webinars

  • One-to-one support

  • eAdviser Marketplace



Already certified as an eAdviser

Purchase additional Online Classrooms | $20 per month [learn more]

Includes: License of online classroom, course content, one-to-one support, eAdviser marketplace


*Here's how it works

Certified eAdvisers, for example, that enroll 5 clients into their courses will earn $497.50

  • Course price: If $199 per course/client (1 client enrollment = $99.50 to the eAdviser, 5 client enrollments = $497.50 which is break even on $499 investment to be an eAdviser)

  • Corporate pricing: Contact Sales. Team leaders and managers coach & mentor their employees with our online training and save 50%

  • Content areas: Certified eAdvisers may get certified in other content areas: Leadership & Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service and Technology