Accounting & Finance eAdviser™ Coaching Certification

Accounting & Finance eAdviser™ Coaching Certification


Get certified as an online coach in Accounting & Finance

Course Start Date: August 20, 2018

Course Type: Self-paced with online coach

Course Length: 4 weeks + eAdviser support for one year

Certification Course Includes: online classroom | course content | blended training | hosting/course license 1 year

Upon Completion of this Course: the certified online coach in Accounting & Finance is provided with the approved online course content and the online platform to train clients.

Course Description: In this course you will learn to use the eAdviser platform, become familiar with the course content used to train businesses and their employees in Accounting & finance, learn how to sell & market to clients, build awareness campaigns for your online training, learn how to coach online with a blended format and set up your custom platform.

With this certification you will:

  1. Own a branded platform to train students online

  2. Be certified on the platform, technology & features

  3. Be qualified to use this course to train your students online

  4. Receive hosting & course license for first year ($240 value)

  5. Learn how to access student data and add value to the course as an online coach

  6. Get one-to-one coaching support for as long as you own the Accounting & Finance online classroom

  7. Learn about pricing, revenue sharing, and marketing to clients

  8. Receive 50% of course enrollment for every student enrollment as a certified eAdviser *

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*Here's how it works

Certified eAdvisers, for example, that invite 100 cliens into their online classroom, earn $9,950 guaranteed directly deposited into eAdviser's account.

  • Course price: If $199 per course / client (1 client enrollment = $99.50 to the eAdviser, 5 client enrollments = $497.50 which is just about break even on the $499 investment to become an eAdviser)
  • Corporate pricing:  Contact Sales.  Team leaders and managers coach & mentor their employees with our online training and save 50% 
  • Content areas:  Certified eAdvisers may get certified in other content areas:  Leadership & Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service and Technology