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Everyone may request to use the online Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification content to educate and coach their own business clients with proven experience, and/or certification.

Whether you believe it's all hype or you have found yourself profiting from the ever-rising interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, there is no denying that financial, government and economic industries throughout the world are taking notice and jumping in with rare confidence. Cryptoassets blossomed explosively in 2017 from $15 billion to $500 billion and are catching the interest of even the modest investor.

Some argue that today's value of Blockchain & the many cryptocurrencies blooming everyday is merely the beginning and very similar to the dot.com era of the 1990's. If one doesn't know what we're talking about, then it's high time to learn from an experienced adviser. According to his article on January 17, 2018, Don Tapscott, co-founder of Blockchain Revolution, predicted the future of these markets. He exclaimed, "In 2017, blockchain and cryptocurrencies became too big to ignore. In 2018, they will become too big to fail."

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction worldwide

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Whether you are a believer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies or merely trying to stay current on the world stage of economics and finance, there is no denying that it is yet another worldwide revolution. The blockchain is an open, transparent, and verifiable system that will fundamentally change the way we think about exchanging value and assets, enforcing contracts, and sharing data.  Blockchain was originally developed as the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, a vast, globally distributed ledger running on millions of devices, worldwide. Given the promise of Blockchain as a disruptive technology, leading businesses worldwide are investing in blockchain solutions and traditional investors have invested over 500 million in early stage startups. 

In this certification, you will learn the history, the language and the basics of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptography and how a distributed global ledger can record and move anything of value...money, contracts equities, titles, deed...virtually any kind of the asset. 

The course is online and includes the following interactive video modules:

  1. The Basics of Blockchain | 1 hour and 11 minutes
  2. Introduction to Digital Currency | 1 hour and 17 minutes
  3. Bitcoin Technology Fundamentals | 1 hour and 10 minutes
  4. Working with Bitcoin | 49 minutes


Pricing to attain the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification

Registration fee for all 4 courses is $199/per user | no other fees | CE Hours 4.5
Save $101 off single course pricing of $75


Up to six months to complete Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification
Multiple User Pricing - $149 per person with 8 or more users

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies are touching every financial institution, government and economic body around worldwide.


Qualifications to become an BLOCKCHAIN eAdviser: 

Blockchain Certification or equivalent experience & knowledge, qualify one to become a Blockchain eAdviser. Blockchain eAdvisers are compensated for every student enrolled in the certification program. A Marketplace of eAdvisers including resume of experience is available. Call 888-936-2686 to become a Blockchain eAdviser.

Approved BLOCKCHAIN Certification Program:

Designed and built to international Standards. For those interested in positively promoting the legitmate escalation and viable outcomes of the future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technologies. 

About Global Classroom:

*Official provider of BLOCKCHAIN certifications. The largest provider of Blockchain education using coaches, mentors and advisers online. Global Classroom does not warrant the expertise of the eAdviser, but rather offers a platform as a starting point for learning concepts in business, technology & education. 

Federal Law:

According to the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review published May 30, 2017 by Joanna Diane Caytas, the federal government has not exercised its constitutional preemptive power to regulate blockchain to the exclusion of states (as it generally does with financial regulation) or even expressed intention to do so, regardless of the interest of federal agencies, states remain free to introduce their own rules and regulations.

According to the Securities & Capital Markets on Bloomberg Law published August 11, 1017 by Sara Merken, legislative amendments became effective in August that will allow the more than 1 million public and private entities incorporated in Delaware to maintain corporate records on a blockchain. Companies using the technology will be able to issue, trade and keep track of their stocks more cheaply and efficiently.  Private companies, and law firms, are lining up.

The majority of Fortune 500 companies and over one million entities are incorporated in Delaware.  The enactment will change the regulatory landscape for securities by setting precedent in the most important corporate jurisdiction of the U.S. Other states competing for corporate taxes and fees would be sure to follow according to Ms. Caytas.

In this modern environment, it is beneficial to seek experienced and knowledgeable counsel to keep abreast of federal and state regulations. Global Classroom encourages experienced lawyers to utilize the Blockchian & Cryptocurrency Certification series as a starting point to educate their clients, followed by specific & current advice for their clients.

By working with an experienced Blockchain eAdviser that is knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency arena, you will save your business time and money. Experienced Blockchain & Cryptocurrency eAdvisers can identify, coach and advise on a plan for any penetration into the cryptocurrency space.