Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency - a digital currency system that's protected through the use of cryptography and driven by a database technology known as Blockchain. In this course, you'll learn the basics of Blockchain, including Bitcoin keys, units, and transactions, the pros and cons of Bitcoin, and ledgers. You'll also learn about cryptocurrency and the underlying technology behind cryptography.


Learning Objectives

Bitcoin Basics

  • describe how Bitcoin pricing is established

  • describe the Bitcoin community

  • describe the basic elements to start buying and selling Bitcoin

  • describe the incremental Bitcoin units

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

  • provide an overview of capital markets and Blockchain technology

  • describe the various problems with Blockchain technology

  • provide an overview of current and future Blockchain opportunities


  • describe the Blockchain ledger

  • explain the differences between single, double, and triple entry accounting

  • explain the purpose of ledgers, and the differences between local and distributed ledgers

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