Learn how to monetize your expertise and experience by becoming an online coach with eAdviser   

Learn how to monetize your expertise and experience by becoming an online coach with eAdviser




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Who is getting certified to coach with eAdviser?

Business Coach: people with business experience that want to coach or train small businesses in the 6 key areas:  Leadership & Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service and Technology. Business Coaches are entrepreneurial in their own practice of advising their clients online. They act as accountability partners assisting their clients in achieving results and business success.


Team Coach:  team leaders and department managers within companies that want to coach or train their employees in key areas that drive their departments success, such as sales & marketing, supervisory management, customer service, leadership and customized content.


SBDC Coach:  consultants, advisors and managers of America's Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) especially those that want to supplement their practice with online training to more effectively reach millennials and remote businesses that cannot easily travel to physical classrooms.


Technology Coach:  people that have expertise in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Wordpress, BlockChain & Cryptocurrency that want to make money coaching others in getting certified in these current technologies. 


School Coach:  teachers, teacher's aides, assistant principals, principals, staff members within schools nationwide that want to coach or train teachers in areas of ESL (English as a Second Language) and Google Tools for Educators.