How to become an eAdviser?

The eAdviser is the central figure on the platform. As an eAdviser, your job is multi-faceted. And it is directly correlated with the effort you put into your personal eAdviser platform and the support you provide your clients/students. The eAdviser has many roles that intricately connect the Author (course creator), the learner (looking to get certified) and the Business (looking to train employees)expert on their subject matter. They are the champion for the learner because it is the eAdviser’s job to

First things First

Share your Credentials or learn the course content from the expert author

Prove your qualifications by sharing your credentials, passing a test or taking the eAdviser certification course that is personally supported by the expert author. You are now qualified to use the certification course content to train and certify your own clients/students and the Course Author will be available to support you.

Congratulations! You are now an eAdviser.

Second things always come second

As an eAdviser, you are automatically showcased on the worldwide eAdviser Marketplace

We offer plenty of tutorials and marketing courses to learn how to connect with your clients and students. Word-of-mouth is a great starting point, but soon you will have a full marketing plan that includes: your own blog, flyers, podcasts, meet-ups, SEO’s, socials, clubs, snail-mail, social media contests, facebook ads, google ads, etc.

The marketing opportunities are endless


Assign your clients/students to the courses that allow them to achieve their goals

The selection of eAdvisers and certification courses is done by the learner on the Marketplace. But as you are a “Go Getter” by nature, you already have some clients and students and may assign them certification coursework. You also set your own price for one-to-one coaching, mentoring, consulting.