Get certified as an SBDC eAdviser

America's SBDC is offering a specialized training just for SBDC Consultants to get certification as an online SBDC eAdviser™. 

Connect with entrepreneurs & small business (millennials) that prefer online training to classroom training or the small businesses that can't attend a face-to-face class because of their location or time constraints. 

Who should enroll: SBDC consultants, advisors, managers & directors

Class Size:  20 student limit

eAdviser Marketplace: upon certification, the SBDC eAdviser™ becomes a member of the expanding destination for small business, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to personalize their learning with an SBDC online consultant.

Certification requirements: Completion of one of the SBDC eAdviser™ Certification pathways listed below.

Pricing: All ASBDC Online eAdviser™ Certifications are priced at $499  ($259 for the content area +  $240 for the cost of the online classroom for 1 year).  After one year, the content + platform are $20/month.  Clients pay for the online courses.

Revenue for SBDC:  All revenue from the SBDC eAdviser™-led courses are split 50/50 with the SBDC.  See details below*

Free Initial Consultation: Contact Burr Warne  603-502-2323

America's SBDC eAdviser Certification Courses  |  $499 per certification course

Already certified as an SBDC eAdviser?  Then license an additional classroom.

Additional Classrooms:   only $240 per classroom for one year (includes hosting/licensing of course content)

All revenue from the SBDC eAdviser™-led courses are split 50/50 with the SBDC.

  • Certified SBDC eAdvisers, for example, that invite 100 clients into their online classroom, earn $9,950 guaranteed to the SBDC, assuming course price for clients is $199/course.
  • If $199 per course / client  (1 client enrollment = $99.50 to the SBDC.  5 client enrollments = $497.50 which is just about break even on the $499 investment to become an SBDC eAdviser™)