QuickBooks Pro 2017

QuickBooks Pro 2017


QuickBooks Pro 2017


eAdviser Certification | 20 Student Limit

Upon completion of this course, you will be certified as a “QuickBooks Pro” eAdviser

The QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface unlocks the door to a powerful accounting system for businesses of all sizes. At face value it's deceptively simple, but it holds the ability to manage all day-to-day financial transactions from invoicing to banking. In this course, you'll be introduced to the QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface, and you'll learn how to get started with QuickBooks by setting up a new company and working with basic transactions. You'll also discover how to protect your data and recover from unexpected issues, as well as how to setup QuickBooks so it can be accessed by multiple users.

As a certified eAdviser earn $12,000 guaranteed from your first 100 students, see Terms below*

With this certification you will:

  1. Own a branded platform to train students online

  2. Be certified on the platform, technology & features

  3. Be qualified to use this course to train your students online

  4. Receive hosting & course license for first year ($240 value)

  5. Receive 50% of course value for every student enrollment as a certified eAdviser

  6. Learn how to access student data and add value to the course as an online eAdviser

  7. Learn about pricing, revenue sharing, and marketing to clients

  8. Get one to one coaching support for as along as you own the “QuickBooks Pro” online classroom

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Certified eAdvisers that invite 100 students into their online classroom in the first year, earn $12,000 guaranteed

  • Course price: $249 per student
  • Contact us for corporate pricing.  Corporate eAdvisers typically save $12,000-18,000 for every 100 employees they train online.
  • Certified eAdvisers may get certified in other content areas:  QuickBooks, Financial Statements, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, and Management