eAdviser Certification Courses in Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Financial Statements are the universal language of business worldwide. This common language allows business to communicate the financial performance of an organization with utmost clarity.  Financial Statements are used both internally by management and externally by investors, vendors and banks. All success-oriented business leaders need to understand and know how to read financial statements. Most business owners and their staff do not have formal accounting & finance training, therefore the market is quite large to become an eAdviser in this category. 


Who should enroll: People with experience and/or education in accounting & finance, i.e., business owners, c-level executives, department heads, entrepreneurs, and individuals with careers in accounting and finance.

eAdviser Marketplace: upon certification, the eAdviser becomes a member of the expanding destination for small business, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to personalize their learning with an eAdviser.

Certification requirements: Completion of one of the eAdviser certification pathways listed below.

Pricing: All eAdviser content area certifications are priced at $499 ($259 for the content area +  $240 for the cost of the online classroom for 1 year). After one year, the content + platform are $20/month. All revenue from the eAdviser-led course is split 50/50.

Accounting eAdviser Certification Courses  |  $499 per certification course

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro - America's SBDC

Financial Statements

Financial Statements - America's SBDC

Already certified as an eAdviser?  Then license an additional classroom.

Additional Classrooms  |  only $20 per month  |   includes course content

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